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Energy-selective x-ray imaging and other topics

Topics covered are:
X-ray imaging
Energy Selective x-ray imaging
Computer-assisted diagnosis (future)
Image Analysis and computer vision (future)


A free ebook on the topics discussed in my blog is available. The ebook puts together and organizes all the blog posts in one document. This makes it easier to search for all discussions of a particular topic and to see the relatioships between the posts. There is a table of contents and the pdf has "bookmarks" so it is easy to jump from post to post. So far, the book is over 260 pages.


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The book is revised periodically. If you want an updated version, email me at the address above.


Latest Revision:

May 2, 2015




Blog posts

Estimator for contrast agents 3

Estimator for contrast agents 2

Estimator for contrast agents 1

Beam hardening 4:consistency

Beam hardening 3:nonlinear reconstruction

Beam hardening 2:the no-linearize theorem

Beam hardening 1

A neural net A-vector estimator?

SNR with pileup

Monte Carlo validation of variance formulas

The constant covariance approximation to the CRLB with pileup

Probability distribution with pileup

SNR with pileup-3: PHA detector statistics with pileup

SNR with pileup-2: Overall plan and NQ detector statistics with pileup

SNR with pileup-1: pileup model

Improve noise by throwing away photons?

Correlated noise reduction

Dimensionality and noise in energy selective x-ray imaging-Part 3

Dimensionality and noise in energy selective x-ray imaging-Part 2

Dimensionality and noise in energy selective x-ray imaging-Part 1

The SVD Approximation Theorem

Parameters for the new estimator

Rationale for the new estimator

Why is polynomial estimator variance so large?

Estimators for Energy-selective imaging-Part 1

Scientific blogging with LyX and eLyXer

Image SNR with energy-selective detectors

SNR versus tube voltage

Optional arguments in Matlab

Summary ebook available

Near optimal ... Status

The NKQ detector

NQ detector SNR

NQ detector statistics

SNR with PHA vs. number of bins

A-space covariance from x-ray detector noise

Detection theory with A-space data

Detection with multinormal data

Multivariate normal random variables

Normal probability models for x-ray measurements>

Applying statistical signal processing to x-ray imaging

Monte Carlo simulation of SNR with energy information

SNR with energy information

Logarithm of PHA with deadtime

PHA with deadtime---Monte Carlo simulation

Pulse Height Analysis with deadtime-theory

Deadtime-2 The energy spectrum

photon counting with deadtime-1

CT projection Simulator--2

A projection simulator--Matlab implementation

Curve intersection

Interection of Line Segments

A Line object--basic formulas

The uses of complex variables in Matlab

Matlab interface to the projection simulator

A projection simulator for image reconstruction research--implementation

A projection simulator for image reconstruction research--rationale

An improved parallel projection image reconstructor for Matlab

The dimensionality of attenuation coefficients

Matrices, the singular value decomposition, and energy-selective imaging

A Matlab function to compute the attenuation coefficient

Cross-section and Attenuation Coefficient Physics



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